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Who We Are

CPI is a boutique management consulting and technology services firm.

We love helping organizations grow by solving problems and increasing efficiency. We collaborate with our clients to help them become adaptable, high-performance businesses.

We work across a handful of industries and all business functions, and our discovery and research capabilities are second to none. We are small enough to collectively focus on our clients and their needs, and experienced enough to provide world-class services and insight.


A Message from CPI’s Principal & Founder:

Over the last 20 years, we have fostered a culture at CPI that places emphasis on collaboration and results. Our combined experience and expertise allows us to help organizations discover and create new value in their business. We love what we do, and we think it shows in the results we’ve cultivated for our clients. We look forward to helping your business flourish.

Brent Marcus
Principal, CPI
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Thoughts On Application Design and Development:

Organizations need to keep their fingers on the proverbial pulse of the digitization trend and its evolution, and employ top teams to provide leadership in formulating strategy that simultaneously takes advantage of short term digital opportunity, and establishes solid cornerstones for long term viability, scalability, and flexibility in an ever-so-quickly changing technological world.

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Vahe Minasyan
Senior Associate Consultant, CPI
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Thoughts On Digital Strategy:

Firms that wish to explore options outside of the status-quo of digital strategy need to explore the psychological profiles of their clients and potential customers as best they can. Demographics sectors self-categorize into certain psycho-analytical profiles, and organizations can maximize marketing reach and efficacy by identifying and pivoting their strategy towards those dispositions and biases.

Herbert Takhmazyan
Senior Associate Consultant, CPI
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