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HomeTown Buffet

The Client: HomeTown Buffet, a subsidiary of Buffets, Inc., an organization that owns and operates American national chains of buffets and restaurants.

The Challenge: The company required a consolidated overnight sales reporting platform to keep track of inventory, sales pipelines, and logistics. Previously, not all restaurant locations would have tracking data delivered before the next morning.

The Solution: CPI Interactive developed a customized Enterprise Resource Management solution called Restaurant Associate ™ , which allowed individual restaurant operators and management to poll their daily data, including all relevant fields for supply-chain management, each night before 5AM.

The Results: With the consolidation of data reporting across the entire restaurant asset base, Hometown Buffet was able to streamline its operations, cut procurement and logistical costs, and create an environment where restaurant operators and executive management could have real-time access to the pulse of the business, in all of its forms.


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