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The Client: Drybar, a retail chain in the health and beauty industry, specializing as a “blow dry bar”, is a rapidly expanding, private equity backed firm with branches throughout California, Arizona, Georgia, New York, Texas, and the Washington DC Area. The firm operates its health and beauty services through multiple chain locations, and has recently diversified itself into a product retailer with specialized brands of health and beauty products, sold through their retail locations and website, www.thedrybar.com

The Challenge: As a rapidly expanding organization, with national growth ambitions on a fast paced timeline, Drybar was experiencing the growing pains of fast expansion, and non-consolidated operations. Management was pulling operational, financial, and supply chain data from multiple, non-connected sources. This resulted in a tedious, time consuming, manual process for generating monthly data and business reports, along with a glaring lack of analytical functionality in the reporting system.

The Solution: CPI Interactive studied Drybar’s business, and the multiple data sources that management would need in order to be able to have a holistic perspective of the entire operation. CPI built and deployed an integrated business intelligence platform which allowed the merging of all of Drybar’s data repositories. Utilizing AWS Cloud Servers in lieu of on-site hardware, CPI transformed Drybar’s data and analytics environment into a rapidly scalable, cloud based solution that would be able to quickly grow with their business. Operational, financial, and supply-chain data became seamlessly integrated onto the cloud, and utilizing Microsoft SQL, CPI built and deployed a robust analytical reporting platform for management.

The Results: As a result of CPI’s efforts, Drybar achieved greater efficiency in their operations and strategic executions by greatly reducing the amount of manual labor required to generate management reports. The new platform also gave Drybar a database and analytics foundation that was scalable for future development, aiding in future ambitions such as flash reporting and product costing for new business products and services. And finally, the platform gave management and Drybar staff and vendors the ability to tap into the heart of the business with ease, with the ability to generate analytical reports. Drybar continues to rapidly expand across California and the United States, expecting to double its revenue from $20 million to $40 million in 2013.

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