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Columbia Sportswear

The Client: Columbia Sportswear, is a publically traded United States Company that manufactures and distributes outerwear and sportswear. Columbia Sportswear also produces footwear, headgear, camping equipment, ski wear, and outerwear accessories. It is widely considered the largest American seller of ski apparel.

The Challenge: As a fast-growing organization, Columbia was looking for comprehensive solutions that would aid in their growing pains. The company was in search of an Enterprise Resource Planning platform that would address the unique facets of its business, and the unique stage of their growth and future ambitions. Columbia required a solution that would be able to keep pace with the growth of their business, while not only not slowing them down, but actually facilitating faster growth.

The Solution: As a thought leader in growth strategy, CPI Interactive customized and rolled out a new release of their Apparel Associate platform. Based on the MAS90 ™ Platform from Sage, CPI development a custom ERP solution for Columbia, allowing operators and management to track, in real time, operations across all of their working sectors, from distribution to materials costs.

The Results: Columbia Sportswear continued its tremendous growth, and with the help of ERP solutions implemented by CPI, and the continued support to their systems and personnel, Columbia has since become the top supplier of winter sports and outerwear in the United States.

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